You may have heard of the Occasionography business opportunity in Small Business Opportunity magazines or in the emails from Franchise.com, that’s where I heard of them anyway. And after seeing enough ads, I took the bait and ordered the kit.

If you have not heard of Occasionagraphy, let me give you a brief overview of what it’s about. As an Occasionography consultant you are authorized to sell personalized candy bar wrappers, water bottle wrappers,matchboxes and invitations. You need a laser printer ,black is fine but color is better. You can buy the start up kit for $395 or $295. You kit includes a business manual for operations, 10 thick product catalogs and plenty of samples, one with your name on it!
I’m on the fence on whether the pricing for this start up package is reasonable.
I found the business manual to be very thorough and with a lot of practical ideas for acquiring customers. Such as contacting parent teacher associations who may want personalization products for graduation ceremonies and other events. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. The manual suggested sending out letters to schools,churches and event planners. You could even team up with an event planner or use this as an add-on business.
For personal reasons I did not get to market this product. I don’t think it’s a scam. But something to be concerned with is that when you have an order, it may take time to order the needed materials from the company. In the beginning they will give you an opportunity to buy a bunch of the wrappers and things so that you can quickly fill orders when they come. Those start up packages cost several hundred dollars, so that is another cost to consider.
Overall I think you can make money with this even though I did not work it myself. It’s an easy enough sale and you can start with a family event like a baby or bridal shower and not be embarrassed of offering your services.

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